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Non-Fumigation Termite Control

Termite infestation is a problem that can plague your home and systematically destroy it. But when you call a local termite control service, they use highly toxic poisonous gases to fumigate your place. As a result, you have to leave your home for two or three days. This creates hardship and upsets your everyday life.

Call HiTech Termite Control to get around this problem. We have a non-fumigation termite control process that uses low-toxicity chemicals to clean your house in one day, causing no inconvenience to you. These non-fumigation chemicals are injected into the affected places, destroying termites and preventing further infestation.

We use non-poisonous and non-staining chemicals. This ensures that the health of your loved ones is not affected. There are no toxic stains around the house that have to be cleaned up later, leaving you without any worries after doing the job. Your favorite indoor plants are also safe.

At HiTech Termite Control, we have a professional team with vast experience in this field, and they will take care of all your termite-related problems. Call us for a free limited inspection.

Non Fumigation Termite Control