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Termite Control San Ramon

Termite colonies invade millions of properties and homes and cost Americans billions of dollars a year in damages. People often mistake not being concerned about a termite invasion because these unassuming creatures are masters at escaping detection. Because they live inside wood or in the soil, they can be hard to spot. They are slow eaters, and it could take years, sometimes up to a decade, before the damage becomes apparent. As a result, homeowners are usually complacent about termite infestation. This costly mistake ends up racking up a bill that reaches billions of dollars for homeowners across the country to fix the extensive damage caused by these little critters. Homeowners are becoming aware of the importance of working with trusted professionals such as HiTech Termite Control, the best termite company in San Ramon.

There are clues to notify you if these little critters have been making a feast out of your home. The colony usually leaves small piles of discarded wings behind. If you spot these, then you have a termite issue. They also build hollow mud tubes that they use for transport when they foray for food. Look out for these mud tubes inside or outside the property; they are a surefire way of knowing termites around. The most obvious sign of termite presence is spotting the creatures themselves or locating actual damage they have caused with damaged or rotten wood. Termites are often thought to be weird-looking ants, but unlike ants, they are white, with straight antennas and wings of equal size. Termites are drawn to moisture and a source of food (wood). Eliminating dampness and moisture around the house or keeping wood away from your home can lessen the chances of getting a termite infestation.

Don't wait till your house starts collapsing around you before you contact HiTech Termite Control today. Just because you haven't seen one doesn't mean your home is termite-free. So give us a call today to take advantage of our free inspection offer. If we don't find termites, that's good news. If we do, we will present you with the different solutions open to you to save your home from these silent destroyers. Our trained staff will give you a no-obligation price quote. Our prices are fair and will go a long way in saving you the expenses of dealing with the extensive damage that termites can inflict on your home.