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Termite Inspections

A home is generally an investment of a lifetime; you have to be sure that your home purchase will stand the test of time as a buyer. You can admire the architecture, but what about the condition of the structure of the building? This is why you need an escrow inspection to ensure that the property is in good condition. A vital part of this is the termite report. A clearance will confirm that your home is sound to live in.

Call us. HiTech Termite escrow inspections will evaluate the house and give you a report - all within 24 hours. You can then be sure that your home is free from termite attacks. In the likelihood that your house is termite-infested, we will initiate the process to clean it up so that it is protected from further damage.

Getting a termite escrow inspection done is now a phone call away. As professionals at HiTech Termite, we guarantee your peace of mind.

Hitech Termite