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Termite Control Los Gatos

Many people have been fooled into believing they have no termite problems, until they are one day surprised in their seemingly sound house. Consequently homeowners should be aware that one of the biggest threats to their homes might not be a fire, storm or other natural disasters, it could be that of a termite infestation. That is why Hi Tech Termite Control of Los Gatos is here, to help you get rid of termites if your home has been invaded and to prevent any future infestation. Our years of experience in termite control have made us the go-to termite company in Los Gatos, CA. We combine the skills of highly trained professionals with the use of the latest equipment and environmentally friendly technology to provide termite extermination solutions.

Termites are insects that feed on wood. If left to roam freely in your home, termites will not hesitate to devour any wood products in your home, the walls, furniture, books, etc. The damage they cause can go undetected for several years and are usually not covered in the home insurance. It is helpful to know the symptoms that termites have entered your home. Search for mud tubes that the colonies use to move around the home. Actively try to spot the creatures by looking around the foundation walls, roof eaves, and any areas of the home that are dark and/or moist is where you will usually find the termites.

If you are a new homebuyer, do not rely on the seller's assurances that the property is termite free. Termites can live on a property for years, even up to a decade and avoid detection until the house starts falling apart. Call Hi Tech Termite Control today to avail of a free house inspection. This will put your mind at ease and protect your property. If you've lived in your house for years as well, you can still call us for a free inspection. Whether old or new property, we will carry out a property inspection totally free of charge. If there are no termites, you can be at ease. If we discover termites, we will discuss suitable solutions with you and draw up a no-obligation, extermination quote. If you want to avoid paying thousands of dollars in damages or even risk losing your home because of not taking the threat of termites seriously, contact us immediately. Your home will be in no better hands than in ours, Los Gatos' top termite company.